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The internet comes through again with another way to earn money and increase traffic to your websites. This new concept steps away from using Google Adsense or SEO. The focus is on getting paid to write reviews in your blog, posting links to send traffic to advertisers, and putting up banner ads. If you want the full details on how it works and are interested in it, check it our here!

Pass the Popcorn!

Movie viewing on the Playstation 3 just got a little better. It has been announced that Playstation will be getting MUBI. What’s MUBI you ask? It’s an online cinematheque(fancy French word for a theater that shows old classics) that will provide the best classic, independent, and international movies. Anyone in to movies like Pan’s Labirynth will certainly enjoy this. Check it out MUBI now!

Apple and Their Toys!


Well here’s some exciting news for all you apple fans out there! Along with some Apple TV stuff, Apple announced new versions of the iPod Touch, Nano, and the Shuffle! The iPod Touch is getting iOS 4.1 along with new features like the Retina Display, FaceTime calling, front facing camera, and a back camera with 720p HD recording. Oh, and of course the new, fast A4 chip for awesome gaming capabilities. They come in the same sizes as before which are the 8gb($229), 32gb($299), and 64gb($399). Next in line is the Nano. It’s now smaller and weighs less(see pictures above), and has a small touch screen to swipe and tap to select content. It comes in an 8gb($149) and a 16gb($179) version. Last but certainly not least, we have the Shuffle. Apple was generous enough to finally include clickable buttons to play, pause, stop, rewind, fastforward, and skip through your music. Another new feature added is the VoiceOver button. When clicked, it tells the user the name of the song currently being played. It’s certainly handy when exercising or doing anything active.  Apple also states that the shuffle’s battery life has been increased by 50% allowing more than 15 hours of play time. It comes in a 2gb($49) version in either silver, blue, green, orange, or pink. All of these new models will be available starting next week so crack open those piggy banks! For more information and significantly better pictures of the iPod Touch, Nano, and Shuffle head over to main Apple website. Enjoy!

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Virtual Spiderweb

If anything has advanced and led us on step closer to having the world at our finger tips, it’s the Internet.  So many websites with valuable to priceless information are scattered around with seemingly no end in sight. Having all the information in the world isn’t the only perk, though. Retail stores and other companies with merchandise have been able to spread their products like wildfire. Everything being connected like a virtual spiderweb(see? I connected the title!) allows companies to send their information all over. It’s endless publicity and in some cases, free publicity. Let’s not give the bigger companies all the fun. It’s easy for almost anyone to make some form of income from the Internet with advertisements, auction sites (like ebay), paid surveys, web shows, or blogs(surprise!). Here’s a little something interesting I found and may actually be of use to some people. It’s called Kooday is a new search engine being created that allows its members to purchase and sell keywords. Yes, that’s right. Whenever you are searching for that rash cream online and you use the words “rash” and/or “cream,” you are using a keyword  and now you can purchase it as your own. I won’t go in to detail because I personally don’t know much about it. I did check out though and it seems pretty interesting. If you’d like to see for yourself go here. Or, if you want to help test websites for various companies you can check out this place and possibly see some decent income .If either work for you let us know! Anyway, here’s to the Internet continuing to improve and videos of monkeys flinging feces. See you around!

Am I Stepping on Rocks?

In a world where technology is integrated in our daily lives, it’s always good to take notice of the simpler things. Yes, you guessed it, foot massagers. If you’ve ever needed a good massage but had no time or money, these babies are more than willing to relieve that sore, burning sensation on your heels.You have models like this


or this

  (…what the…)

that are manufactured to make you’re feet feel brand new.

Not all of these bad boys use water, though. Some have heating options, different speeds on the vibrations, and even some that massage the ankle and calf. We also can’t forget the fact that it saves the massuesse or pedicurist from nightmares like this.

 Either way, they provide much needed temporary relief and warm fuzzies all over. Check them out next time your at your local mall or grocery store! Save the bunions!

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And I used to think animals were silly for following lasers around. I could watch that for hours…as long as it didn’t make that annoying noise..

What’s Your Fancy?

Being an ever evolving species, is it any wonder that we will eventually walk and live with robots? I think not. Technology is constantly advancing and making breakthroughs that would have been considered impossible 20 years ago. These advancements can be seen in cinema, music, electronics, health care(from doctors not from healthcare plan providers), cars, clothing(I’m looking at you mankini.), and the list goes on. Among those advancements, here are a few that especially tickle my fancy and hopefully they tickle yours too.


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There’s not much for me to say other than I love smartphones. I like to keep up to date on new phones coming out, new features, operating systems, you name it and I’m reading about it. Having computing power in the palm of my hand is a cinche with mobile browsing, apps from a provided store or company, touchscreens capabilities, picture and video capturing, and even music players. Heck, you could throw them at someone’s face and it would still seem like a cool new phone feature. I could ramble for days but I’ll spare you the boredom. On to number two!

Game Systems

(picture provided

Like smartphones, I’m a sucker for game systems. All the integrated features packed in each system is more than enough to allow consumers to place their media in one location. Let’s don’t forget the amazing single and multiplayer games that can be played as well. Game systems alone are enough to keep me glued to the T.V. for hours!

Human-like Robots

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I think this goes without saying. If I could have a duplicate of myself running around wreaking havoc, I’d consider my life perfect. Enough said.


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This deserves honorable mention because it was seen some pretty awesome improvements. You have automatic flushing, butt squirters to help with messy clean ups, and now toilets that can read your weight and how healthy your pee is. Now that is just down right exciting. I look forward to the day when I can have full on conversations with my pooping pot. Cheers to you Japan and your odd yet much appreciated innovation!

abookandablanket said: I think that day is already here. Didnt you see Surrogates? How do we know that our neighbor is not a robot.?

Good question. You might need to go check and see if they  are plugged in to an outlet at night to recharge for the next day.

abookandablanket said: How do you know it was prickly?

An educated guess. I can only imagine that with the lack of cleaning products, all kinds of things would get caught in their bush. Twigs, pebbles, and maybe even dust. If it wasn’t prickly, I’m sure it was something else!


Japan. It is the breeding ground of technological innovatoin and robotic life.

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